Test machine

Test machine

Test machine: HDF-903-350

Solution for new/difficult material.

We have a laboratory slitter rewinder to find various suitable condition for your material such as blade, tension and so on.

Main features
  1. Box type exchangeable blade unit.
    • Shear slitting
    • Block blade slitting
    • Individual shear slitting
  2. Digital indication for upper blade depth and side pressure.
  3. The rollers which are installed before and after blade unit are moveable.
  4. Individual speed control for upper blade and bottom blade.
Web width MAX300mm Unwind dia. φ300mm
Rewind dia. φ300mm Mechanical speed 50m/min
Rewind shaft 26mm Air-friction shaft Rewind width Min. 50mm.
(Min. 80mm when using individual shear unit)

Standard machines

Several standard machines are available for observing and testing.

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