Plastic Related Equipment

Plastic Recycling Machine

Model:HuSS series

Recycling plastic for PP,PE,PS,ABS,PC,PA,PET....etc Throughput 100kg/h - 1,000kg/h

I. Compactor type

Main Use
Crushed and Washed plastic, Plastic film
Main Features
High speed crusher gives the friction heating before extruder.
It can be reduced the moisture, water contents.

II. Tandem type

Main Use
High contamination material, Post consumer material
Main Features
2 extrusions make good de-gassing and good filtration with 2 screen changers.

III. One shaft type

Main Use
Inline recycling especially for edge trim. Block plastics, Lamps
Main Features
One shaft shredder makes plastics small pieces.
It makes good constant output and good quality pellets.

IV. Force feeding type

Main Use
EPS,XPS ...expanded plastic material
Main Features
The force feeding device which is integrated on extruder can give high throughput even very light materials.


Model Extruder Capacity
Feeding part Diameter(mm) L/D Vent (kg/h)
HuSS105V Conical φ105 37 Yes 300-400
HuSS105VI Straight φ105 37 Yes 300-500
HuSS85V Conical φ85 34 Yes 200-300
HuSS85VI Straight φ85 34 Yes 200-400
HuSS105 Conical φ105 23 None 300-400
HuSS105I Straight φ105 23 None 300-500
HuSS85 Conical φ85 22 None 200-300
HuSS85I Straight φ85 22 None 200-400

*Specifications can be customized according to your requirements.

Water ring type Hot cut pelletizer

Model:G*** series

Main Use
Pelletizing PP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, ABS, PS…etc
Main Features
Easy start-up and user friendly operation.
Stable and high-quality pelletizing.
Compact space saving design.

Operating Principles of Pelletizer

operating principles of pelletizer







 150 350 7001500

*Specifications can be customized according to your requirements.

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