Individual Center Winding Slitter


Main Use
Separator film for LIB
Main Features
Rewinder arms are individual type and arranged in front and rear of center-surface rewinding roller.
High precision individual tension control by magnetic clutch on each individual rewinding arm.
Overlap depth and lateral offsetting of top and bottom blade is on digital display.
Web width 400 - 1300mm Rewinding width

30mm - 70mm

Roller width 1400mm Slitting method

Razor in groove slitting

Wrap shear slitting

Unwinding dia. φ500mm
Unwinding core size 3/6 inches Mechanical speed 150m/min.
Rewinding dia. φ400mm

Rewinding method

Individual arm with liner-friction system

Rewinding core size 3 inches

*Specifications can be customized according to your requirements.

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