Shaftless Center Drive Slitter Rewinder


Main Use
Various Plastic film, Optical film
Main Features
The sub-frame moves horizontally relative to the rewinding unit.
Possible to rewind the different size (diameter, width, winding meter) at the same time.
Various additional equipment as an option.
Web width 800 - 2250mm Slitting method

Razor in air slitting

Razor in groove slitting

Tangent shear slitting

Wrap shear slitting

Roller width 2400mm
Unwinding dia. φ1000mm
Unwinding core size 3/6 inches Mechanical speed 600m/min.
Rewinding dia. φ800mm
Rewinding core size 3/6 inches Options

Trimming winder, product receiver

Blade unit with dust countermeasure

Min. rewinding width

350mm (4 stations)

*Specifications can be customized according to your requirements.

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