Duplex Center Drive Slitter Rewinder


Main Use
Various Plastic film
Main Features
High speed and high precision slitting and rewinding.
New Air-Friction shaft is installed. Tension control stability is improved.
Edge winding units are center drive type so that it can wind with row tension.
Various slitting method and product receiver as an option.
Web width400 - 1200mmSlitting method

Razor in air slitting

Razor in groove slitting

Wrap shear slitting

Circular blade in groove slitting

Roller width1300mm
Unwinding dia.φ800mm
Unwinding core size3/6 inches
Rewinding dia.φ600mm
Rewinding core size3 inchesMechanical speed


Min. rewinding width100mm (50mm as an option)

*Specifications can be customized according to your requirements.

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